Hi Everybody!

It's me again! I'm back and still alive in New York. I left you guys back in Tokyo, Japan several days ago. I have to accept that the cost of living in Tokyo is very high -- too high. It is very easy to spend as much as or even a lot more than in most major cities in Europe.

The quality of the food is high. It's well made and all the chefs are careful with what they're doing. And it's not just at the Michelin star restaurants alone, I mean all over the place. I believe it is in their blood to produce the best and try to be the best at all times. In the city of 28 million, they are very deep in culture and high in discipline, which they all show on their plates. I hope to have the same attitude for my kitchen staff. I am trying my very best to build a kitchen with the same flavors. Even now I am starting to have a more promising staff, but there is still a good distance to go.

I had a chance to have lunch at a Chinese restaurant at Conrad Hotel. They received a Michel star as well. The chef thinks outside of the box -- the appetizers, soup and salad weren't that of which you would find in an ordinary restaurant. They accomplish what they have to to get quality food on the table, and they're not concerned with price structure or stacking protein choices on what should come first or second. They just use what the seasons give them. You may find the price of appetizers go up to 60-65 USD per plate and the entrees may be about 28-40 USD. Customers totally understood and bless them for what they do, though. I only whish to have that liberty.

Your jealous chef,