Hi Everybody,

I am on high gear know, after a total of 27 hours from home, I am in Japan just to eat with my kids. This time thanks to Pew's family and Tim as my house guest while I am on this trip. My best friend Toro will not be too lonely with all of them around the house!

While we're still waiting for both of my kids, Nattha from Boston who is still in KL Malaysia for her friend's wedding, and Danielle from Chicago, I took time to checkout some sushi places. There's a serious one in the hotel, as the guide book said the best are always in the tourist areas and at fine hotels - I did not believe this at first, but it's the truth!

This place has seating for 10, with four old sushi chefs working to just serve the 10 guests. Of course, I asked the chef to feed me, and this may be the second time in my life I've had such high quality sushi. He started me with O Toro, with a scream over me to not add any soy sauce. And this carried over the whole meal, which was about 12-14 bites. All sushi served with different sauces, glazes, salts and zests of fresh citrus.

I got Uni or sea urchin from Hokkaido, which is one of the best. I tried uncountable times to get them in the states, but no luck. Chu toro, marinated toro, which I would die to have seconds, but the chef did not seem too happy to grant my wish; fresh grilled white eel served two ways - one with light glaze and the other one with just sea salt and yuzu rind; albalone steamed with high and low heat then marinated; fluke skirt, and his knife was sharp enough to split the fins, hah!; charred toro for smoky purposes; live shrimps you can even feel the movement of their mussels in your mouth; clam soup - the clams were cooked just perfectly tender; fresh eggplant only with sea salt - this too far beyond Oya in Boston and all great new sushi places in New York City or even Chicago.

My journey has just begun! More, more and more to let all of you know.

Your lively chef,