I always try to come up with a good excuse why I haven't posted any new blogs. I got a good one this time... My daughter got married!

This was real serious because my kid requested to have the wedding at "The Grass." We tried to tell them that we aren't big enough. The restaurant will seat 258 top, top top! That's Ali's record for one straight seating - without a dance floor. We maxed out the seating with 177 with the dance floor, DJ, and one extra bar next to the dance floor.

I wish we had more space there were about forty more guests Pook and I would have loved to have invited. But after we reviewed all the seating with both kids and parents we can not even dream to get any more friends. We really needed about 100 more seating.

To our dearest friends, Pook and I would like to apologize for the very inconvenience, we would have loved to have all of our dearest friends here to share such a happy day with our family!

From graduation to the wedding all of our staff showed great strength. Pook and I would like to thank them for helping make this day so special for us. Now there is just one big party left, the annual MOST Gala! It the biggest party of the year. We serve between 220 to 250 guests a ten-course tasting menu. Our kitchen sends out between 700 - 800 plates in two hours flat. The wedding was just a warm up for the Gala!

I'm getting back to my routine now. New food will be coming up. I am going to Boston this week and in August and September I will be traveling to NYC and Chicago. I will come back with lots of ideas to shape up the menu.

So far the oysters from JP have been terrific, the quality was unreal. Of course the price may not be that friendly but quality was good. This is really  "The Grass' " high-light this summer. Mark our heirloom guy should be shipping us tomatoes in a week or two. We will see how great Mark is.

We will get the first batch of Blue Fin Tuna in today. The fish was 260 lbs which is pretty small, but should be good quality.  We will see.

Your Chef,