I just returned from NYC and DC and have some great ideas for our new menu. International food items are everywhere as our world is getting smaller by the day. The great Chefs of these great cities are utilizing the Asian influence which of course please me very much.

Raw and semi-raw food are all over NYC's and DC's 3 star Michelin restaurants. But this is Syracuse, so I will adapt.

Not to worry, Pad Thai and Sushi are here to stay. Though Pad Thai is a traditional Thai lunch item not dinner, I give my customers what they want and you want Pad Thai. So it stays!

Speaking of which, Pad Thai and Sushi are tough on the kitchen - time consuming and production heavy. All items on a dining ticket must leave the kitchen simultaneously and with four kitchen stations - entrees, sushi, Pad Thai and Bistro, it can be tough. But we succeed - most of the time! When we serve 125 - 275 dinners a night, our rhythm is not always perfect but we try and usually re-gain our synergy between the four stations.

What we are doing is trimming our menu to allow for better synergy. Low sale items are gone and new items will be added and consolidated within the four station kitchen. It is all a balancing act between the kitchen, "front of the house" aka the dining room(s) and the menu.

Changes are happening at "The Grass". We always strive to evolve and offer our Guests the best we can. We look forward to introducing our new menu to you. And we look forward to your feedback.

Sincerely, Your Chef,