After the last blog I wanted to touch on the quality of our food products and how we maintain them. I could go on for hours on this topic but everyone keeps telling me "Enough already! We want to hear about the fun stuff. What new dishes are you working on? Are there any events coming up? What's new over there?"  So I will say only this... We maintain our quality by keeping a positive working relationship with the best suppliers available to us. We don't just by quality products, we buy them well.

So back to the "fun" stuff...

I am reworking the whole menu. I want to cut some sections down, reinvent some classics and bring some new life to the menu. I want something new to make my blood move again. Pook and I are going to DC and NYC for a week. I am hoping to come back with some fresh eyes and new ideas.

In the mean time, Soft Shell Crab season is sneaking up on us. The Wegmans in Dewitt already has them. We will be getting in fifty a week, hopefully its enough. But if we are short let it be.

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