Have you ever felt your pulse beating slower and slower until you can barely feel you heart move? That's how it was last week at The Grass. The first few weeks in February before Valentine's Day are always slow but this year hit a new low. All the staff and I are really looking forward to this weekend, Valentine's Day and the next few weeks of Dining Week.

On Saturday we start our Valentine's Day celebration. We are featuring an a la carte menu combining our Lemon Grass and Bistro menus. In the past we used a prix fixed menu but a few years ago we switched to an a la carte menu and its been a big hit. It offers a larger variety and a more flexible price range. Now they have the freedom to order how much or how little they like.

On Tuesday the 15th we dive right into Syracuse Downtown Dining Week(s)! This year we are offering everything from sushi and curries from Lemon Grass to roasted chicken and an 8 oz cut of filet mignon from Bistro Elephant. We were lucky we locked in the price of filet mignon last month before they increased it for the holiday. For the next three weeks they will ship us filet at last month's price.

For the past three months all I have heard from our suppliers is how all their pricing is on the rise.

Your Chef,