This week we are finalizing our Valentine's Day menu. We were very happy with the new a la carte format of our New Year's Eve menu so we decided to follow suit and use the same format for Valentines Weekend. Goodbye prix fixe menus!

Our new seafood vendor has informed us that the tasty Island Creek Oysters we have been serving are only available for about one more week before they start to spawn. However, upon their dismissal we will be shipped Beau Le Soleil Oysters that are equally as delicious from San Francisco.

And finally our daily fish special... We were hoping to get in some of the beautiful blue fin tuna we had in early to mid December, however, the fish was too soft, the color was not right and the fat content was too low. 

Our halibut. So fresh you can see their spots! 

Our halibut. So fresh you can see their spots! 

Since blue fin was out of the picture we decided on Norwegian Halibut. Two 27 pound halibut were shipped in today They are so fresh you can still see their spots! I have decided to keep one of the tails for myself. I will roast it with fresh herbs and white wine...Yummy!