Family Weekend passed by nicely. In only two days we served over 500 guests. The whole restaurant clicked, front and back of the house did a great job! The only complaint we had was that our Kobe Carpaccio was too expensive and we did not inform them of the price. I deeply apologize for that. It was my mistake I never taught my staff to do so.

Let me explain my pricing...

We are using 9-12 grade Wagyu Kobe beef, the highest quality that we can buy, and we're using the strip loin because of its flavor profile. Just Google Waygu or Kobe, NY strip grade 9-12 and you will get your answer about the price and supply. Take 20% off for whole sale and that is what I have to pay. The dish is about 1.25 -1.5 oz of material.

Lets have some fun and discuss numbers for a bit...

My food cost on my high end items is about 45-65%. This includes my U4-6 prawn, Alaskan King Crab, U10 Canadian diver scallops (chemical free). They are all FOB (fresh of the boat). We custom trim our CAB dry aged beef and our veal chop (one of the best in this country). We get our Black Pig from Eden Farms, one of the best quality pork around.

My biggest supplier is Palmer Foods from Rochester, NY. Their phone number is 1-800-888-FISH, we have been with this company since 1990. If you would like to know more about meat give them a call they are all good people.

For years we have wanted to change our menu to European or American standard. We thought the time is close enough to do so, maybe next year the timing will be right. So I can get rid of my 24 daily specials... no really there are at least 20 specials everyday... my poor wait staff!

We have been working on our new lunch menu this week. We should have it up and running about next Tuesday.

I wish all of you will enjoy some of the new creations.

Your Chef,