I really missed my blog and all my fans. Now lets get back to business and the Grass... So far this summer we dropped about 1%. This is most likely due to the absence of Downtown Summer Dining Week and a shorter Candle Light Series.

I came back from my trip with a lot of Spanish attitude. Their food was so fresh, delicious and easy! I can not get over the seafood over there. I talked to Nick G from Brown Trading when I got back to bring in some new seafood. Last week we tried some razor clams, west coast clams, fresh baby squid and whole Australian shrimp with the head on. We prepared them all Spanish style over a hot grill with olive oil, parsley and lemon. Over the next few weeks we will try them with some of our Lemon Grass sauces.

Our fall menu is in the works. By the end of the week we will bring back our famous butternut squash soup topped with coconut shrimp. Our new Pear Salad is still on the drawing board. We tried a couple of quick fixes last week and were not happy with any of them. The other salad we are working on is a beet salad. It will be another couple of weeks before we get them both down.

While I am on my Spanish kick I figured it would be a good time to add a few Spanish wines to our list to give it a little more flair. We have had two big tastings with Doug to find wines to patch our list. So far we have picked up 19 new wines! Our wine list is starting to shape up for the fall season.

Your Chef,