Summer is winding down which means business should be picking up. Even with the hot, humid weather we are still going strong. The phone has been ringing all week with reservations and private party bookings. But no matter what we bring in this month it will still be so tough to beat last year. Last August was huge, Fuccillo HUGE!

We have been focusing a lot on our wine list lately. We sold a tremendous amount of wine this summer. Most of them off our "Last Bottle" sale list. Everyone loves this list. The can purchase really good quality wines that we only have a bottle or two left on deep discount.

As we clean out our inventory with the "Last Bottle" list we are making room for new wine. You will start to see some new hot bottles of wine on the list again. Pook told me I was moving too quickly but I want to stay on top of the new trends for the up coming season.

We have CAB Prime steak and one pound plus veal chops coming in tomorrow. We will have them on special all weekend. I've been trying to line up some whole fish from my guys in Hawaii. They will let me know what their selection will be for next week. Also coming in next week are Niman Ranch Lamb Loin. They are supposed to be amazing I can't wait to get them in!

Its about time to change our menu again. I plan on adding  curry noodles to the menu and revamping the salad selection a little. Ali and the rest of my front staff are under protest because I want to cut the Strawberry Maytag Salad out. The would sell this salad for the rest of their lives if they could. Come on guys! Strawberry season is way over in Syracuse. Its time for zucchini, baby beets, peaches, plums, nectarines... there are so many to choose from right now.

Sushi is very popular theses days. I just went to dinner at Moro Bistro in Auburn and they have a sushi selection too. If you do not have sushi on your menu right now you are behind.

The busy season is approaching so its time to gear up, get ready and hope for the best!

Your Chef,