Welcome back students! Last week was crazy, in a good way. It was so nice to see so many of the returning students and their parents. We also had a great chance to meet many of the freshman class on Saturday during the "Feel The Pulse" event. Our Pad Thai was a big hit we must have given out over 1200 samples.

We were so busy last week that I never got a chance to fill you in on Max's trip. Pook, the girls and Max started in Switzerland for Nattha's graduation and are now dining their way around Spain. He called me from Barcelona the other day to brag about how beautiful the beaches were... so jealous!

He only calls once or twice a day which is very little for him considering when he's home he calls at least 30 times a day! Although he has discovered the wonderful world of text messaging... he woke me up at 4am a few times this week with trip updates.

Pook and he are having a great time but it is tough for them to stay away from the restaurant for this long. They will be back this weekend. I am sure Max will have lots of stories for you.