I'm back to normal after four weeks of very bad health. My batteries are charged and I'm ready for a busy September.

Last week we met Mark, a local tomato grower specializing in heirloom tomatoes. He brought in all kinds of tomatoes for us to sample. All organic heirlooms... so delicious! We liked them so much we added a Buffalo mozzarella and heirloom salad to our list of specials. It is tossed with baby arugula and topped with a basil and pine nut vinaigrette, a perfect late summer salad. We call it a "Sometimes" salad because the heirloom variety changes depending on what Mark has ripe at the time.

Now a day green mangos are sold all over Wegmans, Price Chopper and all Asian grocery stores carry them. I have a dish that we always serve to a few hardcore regulars. Its raw mango with tamarind dip. We are thinking of adding it as a new salad too.

Now to the meat department...

We have changed our Black Pig cut from a regular chop 15-17oz to a French style chop at 14-16oz. It will be better quality, easier to eat and its going to look so cool with the bone in!

As I mentioned last week, we were getting in some veal chop. I ordered 10 pieces for the weekend... Not enough! We sold out by 6:00 Saturday night. The veal was served with a sauce of locally grown chanterelles. It was "oh my God" level, believe me it was really that good!

For this week we are pushing it to the next level with a Tomahawk steak. First we will get in the 24-28oz steak and for the weekend we will feature a 41-48oz steak for TWO. It will be the Godzilla of steak. HUGE. I can't wait for the weekend they are going to be so beautiful!

Brown Trading is flying in some Sockeye Salmon from Washington State. Nick G took good care of me, Steve tried his best but his selection did not make my blood move, just too ordinary. We are also getting in flounder. We will serve it like the we did at the MOST Gala with the whole fish on the plate... it is so delicious everyone loved it.

My food rhythm is back! This is a good result of being mentally well. My restaurant and its food are a clear reflection of my mood. And this week I'm in a really good mood!

Your Back-to-Business Chef,