It has been quite slow at The Grass lately, but we are all still busy preparing for the MOST Gala on Tuesday night. Numbers are down a little for the Gala be we will still serve over 200 guests.

The business will keep its own track until the end of the second or third week of July so in the mean time we will start gearing up for this fall. Next week we will start to meet with food suppliers to discuss the options of a new cut of meat.

The trend now is to focus on local farmers and growers as long as they keep the quality up. This is not a new trend, as I can remember, we tried to use all high quality products form local and neighboring states since 1994. It is ok if the price is slightly higher its worth it. For sure we will see more farmers in the few weeks to come.

Next week I will go to Chicago to taste Peking Duck at L20, so we'll see how good its is. It will be fun to go to a few new restaurants while we are there. Last time I went to a Japanese place that served tapas. Soooo good. I at so much. I kept the menu and marked what I ate so I could keep track of what I haven't tried yet.  I wish a place like this could make it in Syracuse but for now I have to go to a big city.

We adjusted our menu again. We added grilled squid steak and a few other items to both Lemon Grass and Bistro Elephant.

Your Boring Chef,