It's been a tough summer. Seafood prices have gone through the roof. Everything from soft shell crab to shrimp. Fish filets have increased in price and decreased in variety. It is so hard to keep up with the price hikes while not passing it along to our guests.

Business has been hit or miss but we are still going strong even with out the Summer Dining Weeks. The Candlelight Series is a nice boost for us. As long as the weather is nice our outdoor seating always fills up for that. Unfortunately there are only two more left, August 7th and 14th. I wish they were every weekend.

A new "Sushi War" is starting to brew. The chain restaurant "Koto," a Japanese steakhouse, has opened up on Erie Boulevard. They must have put a lot of money into the place. There are 7 to 10 hibachi tables with Down-Draft technology, plus another 40 to 60 seating.

One good thing about this place is their sushi and sashimi are good and inexpensive. Put it this way, I cant buy some of the fish they have for less than what they are charging for it. Maybe this is some kind of promotion or maybe because they are a chain they get it super cheap. Either way it will be interesting to see how some of the other sushi places will respond to this. In the mean time I will take advantage of their pricing.


Your Greedy Chef,


PS. Next week the blog will be late. Pook and I are traveling again.