The past few weeks have been too slow. It's been good for the staff's sanity just not good for their pockets!

Last week we got our first shipment in from Brown Trading Co. They are good to very good. I can't wait to put my hands on the Lobster Roe for this coming week's special... it will be very yummy in my tummy!

We had a meeting with Tony and Nicole from the MOST to discuss the menu for the Gala. This year we will take a slightly different approach. We will have more variety of food but lighter in style. This gives me a chance to be a little more fun with the food. Ali will post the menu once it has been finalized and approved.

Two weeks ago I had a chance to taste a Black Button mushroom, a delicacy in Northern Thailand. They have a very short season just like our ramp and fiddle head ferns do here. Just two days into the season four locals had died because they mistook them for a poisonous mushroom. I bought mine from the older vendor and I figured if they have stayed this long they were okay to eat... I was right I'm still alive!

I used to get this kind of mushroom in a can but then they got banned by the USDA. When I got back I asked around and my guys said the ban was lifted and they are safe to buy again. I was thinking of using the Black Button mushrooms and roasted prawn with an orange curry, shredded Kaffir lime leaves, pickled young bamboo, palm sugar and tamarind jus.

I will test it out and save you a picture.

Your Chef,