Summer is finally here! Unlike last year this June seems to be too quiet. We just hope to get a fair number without "Summer Dining Week" for sure... now way for a new record again.

The MOST Gala will be here in 2 weeks. This year the food and wine donations are better than the last couple of years. From the appetizer reception to desserts we will serve 21 courses. Neal my sous chef will take over all preparation and kitchen staff management.

Shrimp prices are out of control. Even the Gulf is supplying less than 2-4% of the world's shrimp consumption. Panic... maybe or somebody is getting so rich while those shrimp guys over in the Gulf are getting really poor.

This season is too busy for Pook and I. A lot of traveling with more still to come. At the end of August Pook, the two kids and I will go to Spain. Both of my daughters have good palates on most of the cuisine. They have even made reservations at several 2-3 Michelin Star restaurants. We are all so excited.

In the past 4-5 years I've never once gotten a new idea or new look from South East Asian cuisine that I can use in my restaurant. Most of the concepts and looks have come from seasonal American, Euro-Asian, Asian-Euro and European chefs. Lately a lot of them came from Spain too. I will come back with lots of ideas for a new fall menu.

Asian concept... we got it! Its not hard for me to whip out great Asian dishes. No, the hard part is marketing them the right way to our clientele. In order to be successful you have to lure them with the presentation after that the rest will follow. Of course you must be sure you do not cheat on the original cuisine in both taste and concept.

By the way I know that I missed last weeks blog and would like to apologize for that. There were too many things going on for me in Thailand. Now I'm back in shape and will be here on regular schedule.

Your Chef,