After 13 hard weeks at the Grass it seems like everything is slowing down a little. This is good for everybody. At the very least we get to relax for a day or two but we all know that this is the calm before the big storm!

Today I even had enough time to fix some issues with my eggplant appetizer. We are using Japanese purple eggplant. It is available year round but we are having a hard time keeping it in stock because it bruises so easily and has a short self life. I just got a new baby eggplant in from California. They are so very nice, young, tender and most of all they are so yummy.

We sliced them real thin and made a quick grill with sea salt and olive oil. Then we rolled them up and served them over our double roasted pepper sauce and more olive oil.


Our lunch menu is getting old and out dated so it is time to polish it up a bit. I had enough time to work with Scott on a new shrimp entree. Now a days, since we have a lot of Japanese influence around the Square, why don't we just follow the trend and make them look more attractive and taste better.

First of all I am thinking about tempura shrimp. How can I make them light, fresh and fast on every order with out pulling them out of a box from the freezer and popping them into the grease fryer? It took me half the day but I think I got it. Now I just have to work on the presentation I have already a couple preliminary drafts down.

I will pile the shrimp high over a bed of sushi rice serve it with Japanese pickles or greens. The price will be in the $11.50 range.  Remember this is just one of my ideas. You will not see it on the menu until I am completely satisfied.

This lunch menu is going to be the best! Just give me a week or so.

Your Chef,


BTW Kevin my web kid is working on fixing the photo problem so we can have a better time together.