I can't believe that it took me two full days of light work to get back to normal again. It was fun for a solid 80 hour work week in the kitchen.

The whole staff front and back are all pretty much burnt out. They are all taking turns to get a day or two off to get back into shape. We still have parties all over the place to take care of for a good week.

I had a good talk with my partner Palmer Foods. We are trying to get them to dry age some Prime CAB for us. We are also looking for a Kobe Rib Eye lip. DDT (Dave DownTown) my Bistro Chef, and I are still debating on whether we should carry one more cut or just stick with what we have now. We want to update the Bistro menu but will we be able to maintain our prices if the quality keeps going up? This coming Tuesday DDT and I will meet with Palmer's meat specialist and discuss the alternatives and possibility of alteration.

Your Chef,