Graduation day is right around the corner and we are trying so hard to fill our chairs to capacity. If everything goes according to schedule we should served about one thousand customers this weekend. The kitchen and front have been staffed, kitchen orders have been placed and now we are just tying up a few loose ends with the menu.

Here are just a few of our specials for the weekend:

Fresh Canadian diver scallops from North Coast, huge U-5 shrimp, Chilean Sea Bass and Belon Oysters from JP. I am also trying to get the "whale" soft shell crab instead of the "prime." The "prime" looks like crickets they are so small. Of course we will also have Russian King Crab and Kobe, Dry Aged and Prime Beef.

Steve our sales rep from our "partner" Palmer Foods gave us more time on our account. He has been good to us but I always make him work for his order. We are not the type of restaurant that will just order 300lbs of haddock every week. He must watch the quality, price and have good timing to earn a good order. He does a good job that is why he has been with us for years.

Our relationship with Palmer Foods is getting a lot better. They seem to understand the need of a fine dinning establishment. Their seafood program has greatly improved and we are very happy with their company right now. Thanks to everyone from Steve all the way to Mr. Palmer himself!

I will spend the rest of the week preparing for Graduation Weekend. I will talk to you all next week.

Your Chef,