Last week I made several adjustments to my kitchen because of the problems we had the previous Saturday. Thursday night was a good test for the line with Anthony Bourdain's show at the Landmark. By 6:30 the whole restaurant was full. And as to be expected, most of the guests followed his theme of "No Reservations" ha ha!

If we compare the kitchen Thursday night to Tom Hank's new series "The Pacific" it would go something like this...

There was bloodshed all over the kitchen. All the lines were trying their best to fend off enemies from overrunning their base. Orders were flying all over the place as they poured in like rain. Several times they ran low on supplies but they made a good recovery with the backup they had at their base.

A lot of scallops, fish, Kobe beef, Dry Aged and Rib Eye steaks, chicken and an uncountable number of shrimp sacrificed their lives for this battle. We will remember all those we lost.

Even though we won the battle, there are still more to come. I will let you know if we nail this war down.

Your Commander and Chef,


PS. Soft Shell Crab is on its way! it should be here on Wednesday.