Sorry that we missed Tuesday's Blog. We've been swamped with all kinds of work. Ali has been so busy with reservations for Graduation Weekend. We have sold out of all the early dinner times on Saturday now we are only left with late lunch and late dinner. Ali even asked me to stay open all day on Saturday so we can take reservations from lunch straight through dinner. Friday at Sunday still look good but are going furiously fast! I wish her well and hope that she will still be in one piece after graduation is over.

Lets talk about the new fish company. I raised the question to North Coast last week in Boston about if we are too small for them to take care of us? Actually they said no. We started to get shipments from them this week. No question they are one of the highest quality fish companies since Brown Trading. Their quality is great but their product list doesn't make my blood move. No ooooohs or ahhhhs so far. We will see in about 2 weeks.

This week we got in ordinary good fish like Alaskan Salmon, fresh calamari, superb U10 scallops, really good looking and HUGE PEI Mussels, and oysters which were passed through a purified tank. No soft shell crab yet even though the guys in NYC had them 2 weeks ago. I tried to get lobster roe in frozen tube, they didn't know where to get them ha!! I used to get them from Cousins Fish Company in Albany before they sadly closed.

Of course like old Asians say "You never know how good your horse is until you run them for a while." So far we still love these guys even if their product list is boring.

Your Chef,