This is not the best week for seafood. My man Jonathan is on vacation so I had to buy from a new guy. Actually he wasn't bad at all. He can get me my Beau Soleil Oysters that I've been looking for and some wild stripped bass by this Friday. This is the same company that will fly me to Boston in early April to take a look at their operation.

We are looking to build strong relationships with new suppliers. I keep telling my salesman that no matter how good the suppliers products are if we cannot work together we will not get a good result. If this new partnership works out well we will gain a great seafood supplier. I am excited to see how this turns out.

Our new dry aged beef is in. It looks great and you can really taste the dry aged difference... yummy! We also added grilled Japanese eggplant to our menu. It is served with Yuzu-Soy, toasted sesame seeds and roasted seaweed. I got this dish from an old friend of the family about 48 years ago. He was a serious Japanese gourmet chef. His name was Morio Kutsura. Thanks Morio!

Your Chef,