One of our regular customers asked me how the basketball tournament has affected our business. Very honestly for the past few weeks from the Big East Tournament all the way through the Elite Eight we only had one good Saturday. The bars and University area do very well but not fine dining.

Monday was a different story... It seemed like everyone flocked in from hibernation. It was Neil's (the Grass' sou chef) first night on the Bistro line. He was filling in for DDT's day off. I watched him prep the line before service and when I walked away I smiled... he did such a good job! I could tell he really cares about the products and their preparation. I knew he was the right guy for the job and at the end of the night he proved it.

The scallop war is still going on. There was a meeting in Portsmouth, NH earlier this year and the scientist agreed that the stock is being under fished. They restored a 5 million pound quota to the scallopers. But why does the price keep going up? In Boston all of the scallops U10 and under are up to $16 -$17 per pound. I'd like to see who is getting rich on this one. I know its not us we can't jack up the price. The overall market is still soft, to increase the cost to the customers would be so stupid!

I will give you an update for the weekend soon.

Your Chef,