So we all survived dining week! My front staff worked so hard. Poor Ali has been married to the phone the whole month of February. I have barely had time to talk to her! The whole staff is so grateful to the restaurant and to all the customers. Thanks a million to all of those who came in to support us. We would also like to thank the Downtown Committee and and AmeriCU for arranging the most successful dining week ever, at least for "The Grass and our Elephant."

My kitchen staff was great too. We went through almost half a ton of Filet Mignon and chicken, 300 lbs. of fresh forest mushrooms, 250 lbs. of shrimp, 450 lbs. of raw jasmine rice and I don't even know how much salad!

March is always a slow month for us. We will see if this March will start like a lion and end like a lamb or finish up like a dragon...

I will let you know more about food in a couple of days.

Your Chef,