Last Tuesday I met Rick Jackson at Brugger's Bagels in Nottingham Plaza. Pook and I wished him and the team good luck in the Tournament... that didn't work out too well! Their emotional loss put the whole restaurant morel down. But business on Saturday brought us back to working mode again.

I was so distracted by all of the Tournament goers that I forgot to write my blog on Thursday. So lets pick up where we left off...

We got in whole Black Bass (about 2lbs each) on Thursday. I slashed off their heads, trimmed their fins, flash fried the rest and topped it with my chili tamarind sauce. Believe it or not it was the best fish in the History of Man Kind! We sold them to fish connoisseurs and Pook and I ate some too!

This week I went back to the whole baby corn still in the husk and I wish that it will be here to stay. It is a little more work but well worth it. I should be able to get it year round.

Saturday afternoon we had a tasting for "My Best Friend's (daughter's) Wedding." It took a good three hours to go through all the food. Everything went really well we just have a couple of minor adjustments to make with the stuffing for the quail and we are going to change the sauce for the artichoke ravioli. Thank you Dave, my Bistro chef, for working so hard on the tasting.

This week there is still a lot to do with seafood. Lately my Godzilla scallops turned out to be Iguana again. They used to be huge now they are getting smaller and the price keeps going higher. I really hate these suppliers that try to fill their pockets and do not care how the end user will feel. They really big time!

Your Angry Chef,