Yesterday morning Sue, one of my floor captains brought in a crocus from her garden. For the past ten years she has brought in her first flower so she can brag to me that her garden is better than mine. But for me it is just nice to see that spring is finally here!

Some of my favorite greens will be here soon... Fiddle Head Ferns, pea shoots, green peas, and baby corn. My good friend Norm is trying to get the Fiddle Heads in early from the Southern states. I can't wait for the fresh peas to come in. There is nothing like biting into a fresh pea, you can feel the little crunch and when it pops in your mouth you can taste the starch on your palate. Last week the asparagus price was so reasonable that we decided to use it for our seasonal greens.

I know it is a lot easier to buy from the Syscos of the world but it is a lot more fun to buy from my local friends. They have given us such great service over the years, always putting their heart and soul into their businesses. Spring is always a good season for them and it is always fun to see what they will be getting in next!

The Pacific Halibut came in yesterday. It is the first of the season and wow is it amazing! Pook and I tasted it last night and it is so light and flavorful. It is so good that I am afraid that we will sell out of it by Friday night.

Your Chef