Spring is in the air and this week has been all about the food. I have had meetings all day everyday about what we need to be getting in and how we are going to update the menu for spring. So to get in the mood I will start with seafood.

Our new seafood distributor sent Palmer some J.P. Shellfish from Maine. They are really serious about their oysters too. They have almost 20 different kinds from both the East and West coast and they come in fresh everyday.

This week for oysters I chose the Begaduce Oysters from Maine, they were featured at the James Beard House, and French Kiss Oysters from New Brunswick, Canada I chose them because they sounded sexy! They both have a high meat yield and are extremely consistent in both size and shape... just what we were looking for!

Our good friend Steve Fraum from Palmer sent us some fabulous Kobe NY Strip. He aged some of the 9 - 12 grade ( the best on the market) for us. I tasted it the other day sooooo delicious! Our dry aged NY Strip from "our new old guy" has been very well received by our customers. Steve told me yesterday that we have our very own small private shelf at the Palmer Dry Aged House with our name on it and everything... not bad, not bad at all. I can breath easy knowing they will take good care of me.

Wait I'm not done yet. I got some blue fin tuna in from a company called North Coast. They deal with tuna from around the world. We are not very familiar with them yet so we just ordered 10 lbs. to try them out. They will also send us four whole snapper 3 - 4 lbs each... we will see how good they are.

Well this is a start for now. We will be changing our regular menu soon to reflect the season.

Your Chef,