We were amazed by the turnout this past Saturday night. Ali was out of town this weekend so Victoria, my experienced hostess tried her very best to keep the restaurant floating. The reservations poured in after the game and the weather was so nice that everyone was out. Imagine if SU had beaten Louisville.. ha ha Victoria would have drowned at the door!

Friday and Saturday were tough on my kitchen staff and dishwashers. On Saturday we ran our kitchen with nine cooks. Three on the appetizer and Pad Thai line, one on sushi, and one on dessert. On the entree line there were two on the Lemon Grass saute line and "Downtown Dave" my Bistro chef was holding the line along with my grill and pan man to his right.

The Grass and our Elephant have had the best four consecutive weeks ever. For me this is the best four weeks of my working chef career in the 20 years I've been in Syracuse. Thank you Syracuse and everyone who has contributed to our success. I will talk food in a day or two.

Your Chef,