I haven't given up or forgotten about my blog, I've just been too busy... actually I just haven't had much to write about!

I've been working with my staff on some new lunch and dinner menu items. So far we've added Ka Num Kruk, a pureed risotto cup to the appetizers. For entrees we've added Olive Fried Rice, Mussamund Curry and we have switched from sliced chicken to our new lump young chicken for the curries. So far all the new stuff has been moving quite well and people really seem to like the new style of chicken. We've pumped up the lunch menu now its time to tackle the dinner menu.

Pook and I just got back from Chicago where we spent the holiday with our two kids. We all ate like pigs. On our eating spree we checked out some restaurants that had recently been rated by Michelin...

We went to...

Two 1 star, one of them was really bad.
A "Best Value" which really lived up to its title. The food was great and dirt cheap!
A Japanese place... I bet this one won't be around for long.
A Hong Kong inspired Chinese place. The quality was ok but they went too heavy on the Oyster sauce.
An authentic Vietnamese place with great variety yet very inexpensive.

The best meal we had was at my kid's house. She made Mac & Cheese and a nice cured ham. We bought a lot of Thai togo from a "hole in the wall" Thai Grocery store. I was a little nervous about it but I was wrong it was great! Their desserts were fantastic. I would love to hunt down their pastry chef and add them to my staff at the Grass! Oh well maybe next time...

Your Chef,