Sorry I missed my blog last week. Ali went on a vacation with her family and its been a little hectic around here. The Grass and my Big Elephant have been doing so well lately. We have just surpassed last year's sales and we still have a month and a half to go. Thanks to all our great customers for your support and to the whole crew for putting up with me for another year!

Our development is still going non stop. We started to set quite a few things in place for December. There will be a couple new appetizers, nothing like any one around here is selling! They are on their last stage and we are hoping to put them on special soon.

A couple new lunch entrees are still in the works. I have picked up some salted olive oil for my Olive Fried Rice, and Kobe Top Butt for my new stew. If everything goes according to plan they should be ready after Thanksgiving.

Palmer Foods introduced me to a new seafood guy from Hawaii. His name is Terry. There was an error on our first shipment it landed in NYC! But last week Terry made it up to me by sending us some beautiful Miro Sea Bass. Everyone loved it! They moved so quickly we had to order it again. I will keep this fish as long as the quality keeps up or until something better jumps out at me.

So far this year Singapore has been selected as the greatest food city in the world. I just bought tickets for Pook and myself in early January to check them out. I will let you know where we plan to eat.

Your Chef,