Sorry I missed my blog last week. Pook and I went on vacation to the Dominican Republic. It was great I played 27 holes of golf a day for 3 days.

Lets talk about food... It was ok. Nothing flashy just resort food. Its such a shame that they live on the ocean but can not prepare a great seafood dish. The best thing I got was a lot of fresh, dry warm air and plenty of sea breeze!

Back at the Grass they had just an ok week. Some people said we were slow because it was the week before the elections? I really have no idea, I've never kept a record of that. We keep records of the shows in town, weather, holidays and other activities going on, but no political records. I will start one now.

We are hoping to keep up with last year's numbers through the month. If we can hold that we will be up for the year. Thank you to all of our customers and staff that have supported us through the year!

I still haven't graduated from Apple Salad school. I will try one last time this week. If I don't like what I come up with I may twist or deconstruct the old Waldorf Salad. We will see how creative I can be.

We are starting to work on a few new curries. This time we will try pairing them with tempura, noodles and seasonal vegetables. My chef de cuisine Sri will work on them with me this week.

More and more bad news! I just received numerous emails from our suppliers, most of them from our partner Palmers. They are all informing me of price increases. Yesterday I talked to some one from the Department of Agriculture and he told me that if the weather doesn't improve there will definitely be shortages for some produce. He said we could see an increase of 40 - 50% by next year... how can we live our life???

Your Sad Chef,