Our new lunch menu came out on Tuesday and so far its going well. After several long debates we decided to keep the Strawberry Salad on the menu for a little while longer. If the quality of the strawberries lasts we might even keep it on til the end of the month.

For sure this is the last week for the Tomato Salad. No matter what God gave us, let's be it. We just finished the new preparation of our Pear Salad today. If you liked last fall's Pear Salad just wait til you taste this one! We just need to add the last finishing touches to take it to the next level, the "Oh my God" level!

This year has been the best year for salads at the Grass and our big Elephant. This coming year we will try our best to step in to the new era of appetizers and entrees. If you really now Thai restaurant food you will realize that 98-99% of Thai restaurants are serving the same food. They are American-Thai style with about 3-5 saute sauces and about 4-8 different curries. Now depending on how you define those sauces determines who's doing better.

Our problem used to be that when we tried to cook "out of the box" we were rejected by the crowd. Now a days we are encountering this problem less and less. It may be a good time to slowly change things around and bring this restaurant to the next level.

I have at least 5-6 different dishes on my design board that I am hoping to finish in a couple of months. Pook also mentioned that she wishes to change a few desserts too. Nothing too drastic, we just need to spice things up a bit. I promise to keep you posted on any new changes.

Your Chef,