Last Friday we were shipped a batch of scallops that were too small and some were broken. We had to send back the whole batch so we didn't have any to sell over the weekend... so bad! On Monday I called John our new seafood guy to get scallops from him instead of our regular supplier. The quality was better; they are sweet and firm. When we started to pan sear them their sweet smell filled the kitchen up so quickly... good sign... bravo!

Monday I was swamped with work. We worked on staffing for the upcoming weeks, tasted wines for our new wine list, discussed changes for our dinner menus, talked to suppliers, etc, etc, etc. I think that I may be too old for this job. To run restaurant is easy, but to keep it running with quality is tough, tough and tough.

We ordered ten pounds of Manila Clams. They were shipped in on Tuesday and Pook, Ali and I tasted them together. They were wonderful we will special them this week.

We also got in some Sunhollow Oysters from the west coast to replace our Island Creek east coast oysters. Look how beautiful they look!

This week's fish will be Black Cod. We wanted something besides halibut . The halibut was sixty to eighty pounds which is too big for us. John is shipping in Atlantic Black Cod about twelve pounds a piece. So we are looking forward to trying something new!

So far this year has not been the greatest for fish. It is hard to find really good, eye catching product. This will be my only post this week. I will talk to you next week.

Your Chef,